• instalatii sanitare, instalatii termice
    S.C. NISAL S.R.L. este o companie cu capital integral privat, înfiinţată în anul 1996.
  • ventilatii, instalatii termice
    Incepând cu anul 2003 firma a realizat un salt calitativ în întreaga sa activitate.
  • instalatii
    instalatii:termice, sanitare, climatizare
  • climatizare
    ventilatii, incendiu, gaz
  • servicii instalatii
    incalzire cu radiatoare
instalatii Nisal instalatii Nisalinstalatii Nisalinstalatii Nisal

The company is authorized by :



  • for design installations of using natural gas which operate under pressure lower than or equal to 6 bar, authorization type PDI
  • in order for execution, verification and revision of natural gas which operate under pressure lower than or equal to 6 bar, authorization type EDI.



  • CR4 for the execution of installation, preparation, maintenance and technical verification of use for:
    • fuel consuming devices with P ≤ 400 kW
    • hot water boilers with P≤400 kW
    • low pressure steam boilers with Q≤0,6 t/h.


  • for installation and maintenance of the limit fire protection systems and installations, except those containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.



Agrement ISO :

In 2009 S.C. Nisal S.R.L implemented and certified Integrated Management System Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health ISO9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007.


References: City Hall Cluj Napoca

instalatii primaria Cluj

Multifunctional sports hall Cluj Napoca, Plumbing, fire, heating, ventilation and outdoor facilities
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